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As someone who has an irrational fear of spiders, such that it even began to give me bizarre nightmares in adulthood, I have investigated the symbology of this archetype in an attempt to learn from it in hopes of overcoming my fears. While I’m still not really partial to arachnids, I do find them fascinating but also terrifying, much like the ancient Hindu Goddess Kali who has become a large part of my studies.

I plan on using this site to display some of my findings as well as an attempt to gather information from others who have found this archetypal totem to be significant in some way in their own lives. Please feel free to contact me with any information relating to your own experiences, dreams, fears, learning, or anything related to this symbol.

I am also in the process of building my outline for a book, also titled Spider Wisdom, in which I hope to eventually make public as I feel, with the coming Procession of the 2012 Winter Solstice, the Wisdom revealed seems to be strongly related to the upcoming evolution of this planet and possibly part of a new paradigm for the future!

I have been researching this topic, syncronistically enough, for approximately eight years before feeling I have found and “confirmed” enough information to begin finally compiling my book and starting this site. Stay tuned for more and please feel free to contact me with any related information and/or questions. I hope anyone interested in this topic will join this site and engage in the topics. Blessings!

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  1. avatar Fran says:

    I see spider hallucinations. Some say it’s a sleep disorder but it’s happening to a lot of people. When we are in that half asleep/half awake state a spider will come. Sometimes it dangles on a web, crawls up or down a single strand of web, float in the air, wiggle its legs, or crawl. The vision doesn’t stay long and it’s rarely ever the same spider. They change shape and color with each visitation. I think it’s totally odd that hundrends if not thousands of people are having this same hallucination. I don’t fear spiders.

  2. avatar connie says:

    I too have been blessed?? with the spider..on mine are not hallucinations.They are spiritual spiders. One webs my body continuously. I am not really sure why..I know that I see visions..I see the spirit world and know that my spirit does work while I sleep. I came upon the movie sanctuary this very day..I was like..there has to be something to these spiders..they came to me in early 2007. Of seeing them..but my spiritual awakening 11 years ago, I have a spider spirit. I know it sounds so far fetched. haha..There are things like crystal balls that float outside of my web and they have a spider on them..that tries to get back into me to web with me??? This post is serious. Not spam.

  3. avatar Eddie says:

    @Connie – I’m curious – what are the main colors you see in this dream. I have one very similar which I’ve documented about 15-20 years ago in a sort of poem. I will post it later since you have mentioned this.

  4. avatar connie says:

    laughing..these are not dreams..This is in real life. When the lights dim in my can see them very clearly. I have proof. A sister that I do not tell what is happening to me..I call her into my room and have her sit in the dark with me. Then I ask her what she sees..That was proof for me that they are not an hallucinations…lil blue lights and lil bright white lights..they are the spiders. The many things I could tell you about these spiders. They first started coming to me while I was asleep and would awaken and see them looking me in the face..then when my eyes would open..they would crawl away. To most people, if they have not experienced the spiders, they would think me to be insane…I have just recently found one person online that is being done the same as me..being webbed by these spiders..brain being rewired and all.Just laughed as I typed that ..for you do not know me and you must think what a weirdo. haha

    • avatar holistic77 says:

      Connie,I have had exactly the same things happening with spiders. Actually 2 days ago there was one starring at me and she definitely woke me up in the process and I could see her disappearing. These are no tricks of the mind and I had no one to share this with either because who would believe? I have psychic abilities and will develop this further! If you wish to communicate with me then fantastic! : )

  5. avatar connie says:

    I am empath. I see, hear and smell spirits..people that are dying come around my web till they die? Why? I do not know. Maybe when they die my spirit helps them? I do not always hear spirits, nor smell them..but I do always see them. I have since I was a very child, I love the supernatural. It is no fun being an empath though..feeling others sadness, pain, heartache, etc. Had to train myself..or maybe the spiders are doing that…to block out so much of others.

  6. avatar PiterJankovich says:

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

  7. avatar liz says:

    I’ve had this hillucination around 5 times in my life, it happened last night! I often see these spiders
    in 3s and it seems like im totally awake when it happens. I cannot STAND spiders. It’s the only thing
    i fear. So as soon as i have the hillucination i run to the light switch in a panic and when the light goes on I
    realise that it was probably too dark to have seen what I saw. The 1st time it happened tho I searched
    the room for about a hour looking for these 3 spiders which i saw run over my pillow! ive also ‘seen’ them
    on the ceiling dangling down. its TERRIFYING! It seems to happen about 1 hour after I fall asleep, its like
    the dream world is overlapping into reality but why is it always spiders!? i feel like im losing my mind!

  8. avatar Eddie says:

    More information is coming, LOTS! I have tons of documented material and finding more all the time. This is an ongoing aspect of my life and not really a hobby but just something that I’ve become aware of. So far I am reading your posts and very happy to see confirmations of my own experiences. Keep sharing! more to come.

  9. avatar Eddie says:

    @Liz – know that you are NOT losing your mind. Your analysis is the same as my own. The worlds are overlapping.

  10. avatar entropy says:

    You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

  11. avatar Eddie says:

    @Fran – Yes, when I first realized I was not the only one having these experiences it was very strange to me at first too but I’ve embraced it and am trying to learn as much from it as I can as well as share what I know for other seekers.

    @Entropy – Both! 😉 — However, in almost all cases the experiences preceded the research. I was looking for answers to the experiences and found answers through various texts both online and off.

  12. avatar Eddie says:

    @I.S. – I understand your desire to remain anonymous. These are not things that even modern psychology fully accepts and even amongst ourselves (those of us experiencing such) we must still determine for ourselves what is and is not fitting as ‘our’ truth and who is and who is not ‘sane’ by our own standards of ‘belief’.

    I find it ironic that you mention the ‘dream within a dream’ for the Hindu say that this life is an illusion, a dream if you will much like The Matrix is portrayed. I believe that we live in a Holographic Universe (look up the book by that title) and it is possible to “jump tracks”. I believe I may have done this once erroneously without meaning too or realizing what I was doing and am now restructuring my life because of it into a new one. The possibilities are limitless – what is “real” and what is not – who can say?

  13. avatar I.S says:

    it is ironic. one of many ways i can share here is that, to know if u r in the fake world, well i can float in fake world. for a while it was fun. but these years, i yearn to be normal. n peaceful =)

    I choose to stay anonymous not by what u mentioned. there is sth else. How much do u know abt dream walkers? at least thats wad i call them.

  14. avatar Suzy says:

    I once attended a shamanism weekend. After “journeying” on the drum one session one of the other participants was surprised to find that the creature that came to her that session was spider. She had up to that point had an almost clinical fear of spiders, but the animal approached her in such a sensitive and gentle way (dusting her in a healing blue powder, as if one of its own babies) that she found herself seeing spider in a completely new light. We are on Earth to learn lessons and should face our “dragons” whilst here, as a form of spiritual growth.

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