Aug 07 2009


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“Spiders, like all animals that are not warm-blooded or have no cerebrospinal nervous system,
function in dreams as symbols of a profoundly alien psychic world.”
~ CG Jung

Spider Wisdom will attempt to approach the spider archetype with reverence for the Wisdom which it contains relating to the greater reality of existence and consciousness. This is a combination of totemic archetypal beliefs as well as ancient mystic teachings with modern expressions. I hope to show that it is an ancient symbol imbedded deep within the collective conscience of mankind which expresses itself in mostly subliminal methods. However, it is connected to the beginning of awareness as well as the prophecies of the ancient Maya and Egyptians as well as the elaborate myths of the Hindu.

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I plan on posting LOTS more information on the site and HIGHLY encourage participation! Most of all I’d love to see people post their own relevant experiences so that we can discuss them and/or hopefully learn from each other!

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