Feb 19 2017

Star Wars: Glitterstim

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Legends say this very potent version of “spice” mined on Kessel is produced from the webs of Energy Spiders and gives a brief telepathic boost. It is photoactive and therefore must be minded in total darkness. These energy spiders are unaffected by blaster bolts since they feed on energy.

Dec 24 2016

Christmas and the Number Eight

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Dec 23 2016

A Peacock Spider Christmas

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Jan 18 2016

Cobwebs of Light

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“When they are seen as fields of energy, human beings appear to be like fibers of light, like white cobwebs, very fine threads that circulate from the head to the toes. Thus to the eye of a seer, a man looks like an egg of circulating fibers. And his arms and legs are like luminous bristles, bursting out in all directions.”

~ Carlos Castenada

Aug 11 2015

Goddess ” KALI ” in the form of Spider

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Apr 23 2015

The Eridanus Void: (A MegaMassive Black Hole One-Billion Light Years Across)

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“The Eridanus black hole sits like a giant black spider in an ocean of nothingness, having swallowed up all surrounding galaxies, gas, and light, including radiation from the Cosmic Microwave Background.”

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Jul 09 2014

Simulation Studies Ancient Arachnids, the first predators to walk on land

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It’s called trigonotarbid and, in addition to being an early relative of spiders, it was one of the first predators to walk on land.”

“When it comes to early life on land, long before our ancestors came out of the sea, these early arachnids were top dog of the food chain”, which may explain why there are such bizarre subconscious associations with spiders persisting today.

Surprisingly, they only got up to about 2 inches in size. I think most of us would have expected something much larger.


Source: io9

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Dec 07 2012

The Point or Bindu

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In the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad there is the metaphor of a spider sitting at the center of its web, issuing and reabsorbing its threads in concentric circles, all held at one point. The spider’s threads symmetrically expand into a visible circumference, but they can all be traced back to the central point of the web.

Like the spider in its web, the center of the yantra is the power-point from which the entire diagram expands, the radiating source of energy that generates all forms. It is the divine essence out of which proceeds the polarized world. It is called Bindu, the first drop, which spreads unfolds, and expands into the tangible realm of the universe. Indeed the optical focus of the yantra is always its center, from which the force lines radiate outwards in concentric circles and dissolve in the outer circumference. On a metaphysical level the Bindu represents the unity of the static (male, Shiva) and the kinetic (female, Shakti) cosmic principles, which expand to create the infinite universe of matter and spirit. A meeting-ground of subject and object, this is exactly the kind of spiritual oneness that the tantra artist strives for. A region where art and artist, creator and viewer merge into a single identity, becoming one with the cosmos as a whole. In the final meditation on the yantra, the Bindu is the region where the ultimate union of the aspirant with the divine takes place.

For the successful creation of a yantra, the artist must look beyond appearances and penetrate to the essence. The center, by virtue of being a dot of zero dimensions, is visualized as the ultimate entity beyond which a thing or energy cannot be contracted or condensed. This infinite reservoir of collective energy is the supremely creative nucleus, and therefore is the repository of all manifestation. As a center, it controls everything which is projected from it; hence it is also called MahaBindu, or the Great Point. It is indeed the starting point of the mental quest for salvation and also the ultimate point in this journey.

According to another school of logic, when a non-manifest stage of existence becomes manifest, its manifestation must begin somewhere, in some point of space, at some point of time. There must be an instant when it has not yet any extension but has begun to have location. According to this interpretation, the first instant when a thing does not yet exist and yet has already begun is adequately represented by the dimensionless point.

The Bindu thus contains within itself the two poles’ (zero and infinity) and all that lies between. Its inherent energy contains all potentialities and all polarities. In the actual creative process, the Bindu evolves with the help of straight lines into the trikona (triangle).

Text from Tantra – The Art of Philosophy

Nov 27 2012


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Feb 02 2012

Spiderman – Responsibility

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Most everyone has seen or heard of Spiderman. The main lesson of this character that stands out is the one taught him by his dying uncle, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This is one that most humans would do well to listen to. Every day we see large corporation and powerful government abusing their authority and financial power. This is a lesson that serves in all areas of life and we will get into this more later. However, I thought I’d drop the obvious things first. How can I have a website on Spider Wisdom and not mention Spiderman? 😉

Additionally, I chose this image specifically for it’s light/dark dualism!

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