Jan 27 2010

Sanctuary: Kali

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My brother found this one and sent it to me to watch. The associations are amazing how they parallel my own findings. Note the spider archetype (Makri) used in conjunction with the Hindu Goddess Kali. Also, note how the archetypal arachnid is both a mark of the Goddess’ “prophet” and a communication device of the Goddess. Also, this depicts how one cannot make themselves a prophet and how one must be chosen by the Divine and not the other way around. Here, Durga is depicted as a male and does not coincide with tradition. Notice in the dance the “hourglass” shape which can also be considered an aspect of Tantric symbolism and related to the MerKaBa symbol. Lastly, at he end – Kali’s final action creates a circle and bindu symbol, the symbol of the Higher Self. [This was the season finale, watch next season for the continuation]

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